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908 362 1900

We now have Young Living oils  for retail or you can sign up wholesale for a 24% discount.
We are also consultants for Nikken and again you can buy retail, sign up for discounts or become a distributor.

You are welcome to sit and relax with a cup of herbal tea or Nikken orange water, breath in Young Living oils & meditate or just chill for a while after any treatment.

 We have rooms available for rent to other natural health practitioners, for therapies, seminars, workshops, classes and meetings etc. 
The large main room
 holds up to 50 people

Private sessions 

Hypnotherapy &
 Neuro Linquistic Programming

Do you need to stop smoking or drinking or maybe you would like to loose some weight?  Do you have phobias or panic attacks? Hypnotherapy is a great, effective way to deal with these issues and many other problems.  Held in private and in confidence.

$120 per session
for 3 sessions



"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be" - Abraham Lincoln
16th President
CHOW & ZEN  Health, Healing & Massage
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Your place for Serenity and Empowerment


Our mission is to help and empower you
to alleviate your own pain and stress.  
To increase your flexibility and range of motion so you can move with ease and have a better quality of life.  To help & support you in making the changes needed to  improve your health & wellness.  From our own journey and experience with pain & immobility we learnt that the body can heal itself naturally with a little help and the right tools.  Listening to the subtle wisdom of the body is key & we can show you how.  We provide a serene, positive environment in which to facilitate your healing and a place to relax and unwind.

Our bodies are breaking down, mainly, we believe, from an unbalanced gut flora usually caused by taking medications, trauma, high stress or a combination.  The current obsession with hygiene can be detrimental as our bodies need bacteria to survive. Constant stress, the lack of nutritious food, toxic air, lack of quality water, not enough sleep & immobility only add to this imbalance.  All this can create chronic pain, exhaustion & depression to name a few.  There are many natural, healthy steps you can take imbalance. All this can create chronic pain, exhaustion & depression to name a few.  There are many natural, healthy steps you can take to improve how you feel & increase your quality of life.  By making small, constant changes you can create a happy, healthy, vigorous you and we are here to provide the tools and the support needed for your journey.

Escape into a world of total relaxation, healing and serenity. You will feel the special, positive energy as soon as you enter our beautifully renovated old church.

Chow & Zen was founded to encourage the local community to stay moving, reduce stress and eat well using organic, locally farmed foods. To promote healing using natural, alternative methods.  Chow & Zen understands the mind-body-spirit connection, and can treat people on many different levels. Isn't it time you started learning to care for yourself so you can live a more vibrant life!  Our well trained, knowledgable therapists & serene sacred space will make your stress fade away.

We do our best to make everyone feel comfortable & welcome.  Our ultimate goal is to empower people to heal themselves, to look inwards for all their answers. 
We love what we do and are truly grateful for all the amazing people that share our space and love all our fabulous clients.


Chow & Zen gift cards and special gift bags & baskets make excellent gifts.  We have a selection of Nikken & Young Living oils & products. The best white Sage & real herb rolled incense (not perfume dipped) & hand made room cleansing kits .  A selection of unique crystals, jewelry and malas.  Musical and interesting greeting cards.  Pain relieving gels, sprays, tools and balls.  Hand made hot/cold packs and more.

If you can not get to us to pick up your gift card we can mail it to you or the person you would like to gift it too.

With an Attitude of Gratitude,
Nikki & Dom DeAngelis

908 362 1900

A credit card is needed to make all appointments.  Please be considerate of the therapists time & energy.  If cancellations are not made 8 hours prior over the phone (accept sudden illness, accident or death) a fee of $35 will be charged to your card.  The same fee applies for no shows, no exceptions.

Chow & Zen
14 Bridge Street
Blairstown, NJ 07825


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